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Distillery Consultancy and Engineering

The latter part of the first decade post-millennium saw the dawn of what is now perceived to be a new golden age for distilled spirits production. While there have been a number of small scale new start pot still distilleries, the major brands have led the way in the current wave of expansion.

In Scotland, new malt whisky distilleries with capacities approaching 10 million litres of alcohol per year have been built. Existing plants have been expanded and pro-active sales and marketing divisions have successfully developed the sales of quality single malt whiskies. The rum, bourbon and gin industries have also been part of this golden age and Ireland has been reborn as a distilling brand.

The new and expanded production facilities are developing many novel systems of processing and distilling which include energy saving TVR systems, wet milling and automated mashing systems and attemperated fermentation systems.

Tatlock and Thomson are at the forefront of this new technology all of which is designed to deliver the best quality pot still distillates available.


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