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Water Analysis

High quality natural water is clearly the major component of all drinks. While in bottled distilled spirits it generally comprises ~ 60 per cent by volume of the consumed product, in the earlier pre distillation stages, the percentage will be between 85 and 95 per cent.

Further, during the distillation process itself, significant quantities of cooling water are required and quality distillates require consistent cold temperatures for the condensation process.

Naturally occurring private water supplies for alcoholic beverage production in Europe require (in most cases), to meet with the numerical standards set out in the prevailing regulations in Europe and the United Kingdom.

At Tatlock and Thomson we carry out extensive analytical determinations of waters which include cations and anions by HPLC ion chromatography, full elemental analysis by ICP-MS, general traditional analyses such as hardness, odour and clarity. Any trace residual herbicides and pesticides are determined and, in treated water, we test for trihalo-methanes such as chloroform, bromoform etc.

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